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Hand Dryer Review

A comparison of high speed hand dryers from http://www.restroomdirect.com

We compare features, noise levels and dry time of the most popular hand dryers. We show the World Dryer Airforce hand dryer, The Xlerator, The Dyson Airblade, World Dryer AirMax and Model A, American Dryer eXtreme Air, and the Fast Dry Jet Air JA01 hand dryer.

Please note - while our incredibly high-tech set-up may impress you, this comparison is for general purposes only and it is not a very scientific hand dryer study. The time of dry is subjective and the decibel reading does not use calibrated equipment. Therefore actual dry times and noise levels may differ significantly in real-life settings. But we feel this gives you a good idea in what to expect for these hand dyers.

Hand Dryers Compilation 2

I was really surprised at how successful compilation 1 turned out to be, so based on that I have decided to (try and) upload 2 hand dryer compilations a week now.
Anyway, here's compilation 2 of various hand dryers, good and bad, filmed from December 2015 (the Dyson Airblade mk2 at the end) to June 2016, and the dryers are as follows:
Worldwide Dryer Group, located at Abergavenny Labour Club. This dryer was OK - nothing amazing though it takes a long time to stop as it's button-operated rather than sensor-operated. I was at a friend's party at the location hence the background music.
Levante, located at a posh hotel in Daventry, Northants. The sensors on this dryer are good, however it's extremely inefficient due to the very hot air that comes out that thing.
BioDrier, located at Souk Kitchen in Bristol. I was not expecting this thing to be amazing!
Silavent, located at Monmouth Baptist Church. Not a good dryer, slow and warm air. I like the air to be not too warm or too cold, just right, and to be fast too!
Airforce, located at Bottelinos restaurant in Portishead, Bristol. Airforces are good dryers, though they are rather noisy. Some Airforces I have used have sensors that aren't great however this one's an exception.
Addvent AVHD2000AAC vs Newlec, located at Bowlplex (now Hollywood Bowl) in Cwmbran. Both dryers not great, however the Addvent is a tad faster than the Newlec, and with slightly cooler air too. The Newlec is much quieter than the Addvent.
World Dryer Smart Dri, located at my doctor's surgery in Abergavenny. This is what a hand dryer should be; fast, efficient and with not too hot/cold air. Sadly this is no longer there.
Yied, located at a pub/restaurant in Tintern, S Wales. One word, Terrible!
Dyson Airblade mk 2, located at Waitrose in Monmouth. This replaced a Dyson Airblade mk1 which replaced a standard Airdri Classic. This dryer is awesome, and it doesn't take long to dry my hands with it. A newer model of this dryer is now in its place.
Hope you enjoyed compilation 2, compilation 3 will be uploaded later on this week!

Installation of a hand dryer Excel

Excel hand dryer installation




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