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Bosu Ball Workout

Nicole is a passionate Personal Trainers/Physical Therapist and Health Coach with over 20 years of work experience in Germany, Asia and the US.
Ergonomic Fitness is one of the only fitness channels dedicated to correct form and posture while getting a great workout with excellent results!
It is very important to me that whenever I design a workout program that it is well balanced and integrates every muscle group evenly in all 3 planes of motions to achieve maximum results, promote proper bio-mechanics and prevent injuries.
If the workout is not well balanced, it can cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility that can effect your posture negatively, put stress on ligaments and joints and lead to injuries.

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2 Minute Warm-up
19 Exercises
70 Seconds work
30 Seconds rest
2 Minute cool down


For more info:

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35 Minute Bosu Ball Workout
35 Minute Cardio Workout
Bosu Ball Workout
35 Minute Bosu Ball Cardio Workout
Ergonomic Fitness 35 Minute Bosu Ball Workout
miriam jirari : I don’t see your new videos anymore you always have such unique compound moves! Where can I find you?
Obi Wan Kenobi : so with this ball i can be a mafia boss that covered in shadow with time skip ability?
Madison Wilde : Omg this literally killed me but my watch says I burned 600 calories doing this so that’s awesome!
Carolyn Meakin : Thank you! I've done your Bosu workout 3 times. I now put my loud music on and just follow along with the video (I listened carefully the first time). It's the best Bosu workout I have found. The other ones feature girls with long pony tails telling me how great I'm doing. Your's is real and long enough to be a decent workout.
Felix galvez : Muchas gracias, me gustó mucho su video.

[Bosu Pilates(1)]"군살 박살내는", 보수 전신 루틴(Cardio/ wholebody workout CLASS)

슬기로운 영어 신은미TV : 정말 매일 하게 되는 것 같아요~ 덕분에 군살좀 빼고 있습니다. 이렇게 좋은 영상 만들어 주셔서 감사해요~~~
김은선 : 자막 없애주세요 오타가 보이고 동작이 안보이네요ㅠㅠ
펭미펭미펭미업 : 뛰는 게 안 되는 건 저만 그런건가요 초보분들은 다 그런건가요 ㅠㅠ
쇼쇼입니다 : 오랜만에 보수 운동해서 몸이 너무 개운해요 :) 감사해용
닭고야 : 맨바닥에서 뛰는거보다 보수볼에서 뛰는게 더 힘든가요?

BOSU CARDIO with Legs and Back circuits

You will need a Bosu ball or step - I used 20s, 15s, 12s and 10s along with a 6 pound medicine ball.


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Andrea Grimaldi : Amazing class!!! I’m a 48 year old mom of 4 and I workout with you everyday, for one hour in the family room. Do not stop making more videos please!!!! The longer and harder the better
kelli hilgendorf : Very challenging! Great workout. More bosu please!
Kitina McCants : I truly appreciate your workouts! Thank you for providing them.
Hania Abed : I enjoyed this work out being locked down its needed .
Corvus Corax : Love this leg routine, burns! Hits the legs good and is fun too!




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